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The Role of Inferent Hormones on Gonad Maturity Index and Growth of Ambon Betok Fish (Chrysiptera cyanea)

The determination of the inferent hormone dosage is based on the determination of the inferent dose in fish, generally around 10 mg – 80 mg or about 0.1 ml – 0.8 ml. Generally, fish that are given inferent hormone at a dose of 40-60 mg / l can increase the gonad maturity index by 25%, in betok Ambon fish by 30%. Inferent hormone doses around 20-40 mg can increase the growth and survival of ambon betok fish.

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Seagrass Potential as Supporting Ecotourism in Sibu Island, Subdistrict North Oba, North Maluku Province

Seagrass Ecotourism is a tourism activities based on the ecosystem of seagrass. Component of seagrass consist of vegetation and biota that associated with the seagrass. The purpose of this research is to understand the condition biophysics of seagrass (Types of seagrass, Cover of seagrass, fish, makrozoobenthos, types of substrat, water brightness, the depth of the… Read more »

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Nutritional Composition of Seaweed Kappaphycus alvarezii

Seaweed is one of the important marine commodities and is a leading commodity. Seaweed K. alvarezii is a type of carrageenan-producing seaweed, as a food source for humans, pharmaceutical ingredients, as a thickener, stabilizer and emulsion.Carrageenan is used in food products, pharmaceuticals, textile cosmetics, toothpaste and other industries. Seaweed has a fairly complete nutritional content…. Read more »

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